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We are delighted to announce the recent merger of Porter and Woodman with CS Business Gifts to form Christmas Hampers UK.

Both companies have been trading with each other for many years and the combining of the two businesses makes for a natural fit with P&W's manufacturing and design skills married to CSBG's sales and marketing expertise.

This new great combination will give you, the customer, the finest level of supply and support along with proven market leading service. It may be an old cliché but if you are reading this and command the best you have found it and need look no further.

Together P&W and CSBG have been supplying Corporate Hamper and Gift buyers for over 30 years. During this time we have supplied some of the biggest and best known companies in the UK.

We pride ourselves on our commitments to customer service, quality products and a "can do" attitude that leads us into all sorts of interesting places!

Our Team

Our Facilities

From all under the one roof we have the following facilities that make us unique amongst our competitors:

  • In House designers who will work with you to achieve the look and gift you want.
  • A packaging and print company that tailors the presentation of our gifts to our customers' needs.
  • A fulfilment and packing facility that means we have complete control of your orders from start to finish.
  • A customer service department that understands what you want and will make sure it is delivered when you want to receive it with the minimum of fuss to you.

The Environment

We take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously. As part of the Porter and Woodman Group it signs up to the following codes of practise.

  • Recycling - all waste paper, cardboard and wood is sent for recycling. All offices have two waste bins, one for land-fill rubbish, the other for recyclable waste.
  • E-mails - all staff are encouraged not to print out received e-mails and documents unless absolutely necessary.
  • Company Cars - there are no company cars within the business. Mileage allowance is provided, but staff are encouraged to plan their journeys as efficiently as possible. eg. A sales call in London will be combined with as many other calls as possible in the area or en-route.
  • Deliveries - Wherever possible, an overnight courier service is used, ensuring efficient use of logistics. If same day delivery is required, local courier companies or our own vehicles are used. Porter and Woodman also operates a co-operative system with its suppliers, where deliveries to the same or nearby destinations are combined, eliminating duplicated journeys.
  • Wood and Paper Purchasing- as suppliers of raw materials take their environmental responsibilities ever more seriously, it is difficult to find any wood or paper material that isn't either FSC or PEFC registered.

All the timber products we buy come from countries affiliated to the FSC.

The softwood we purchase comes from Scandinavian mills who are not only audited by the FSC but also ascribe to their own country's stringent environmental policies - more trees are planted than are cut down.

Much of what we sell has a life well beyond "just packaging". Wooden crates have their own intrinsic value and are used around the home to provide storage solutions.

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